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Qinhuangdao Long Ding electric co., LTD., located in the beautiful scenery of the bohai economic circle center of qinhuangdao economic and technological development zone, is a collection of 35 kv and below the low-voltage power distribution equipment design, manufacture, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises.

The company is committed to power transmission and distribution complete equipment of high and low pressure switch, intelligent power distribution automation, and the detection of power quality and harmonic management product specialization production brand strategy. Leading products are: KYN61-40.5 series, KYN28A - 12 series, cabinets and fixed HXGN XGN2-12-12 ring network cabinet, TBBT high-pressure automatic reactive compensation cabinet, XXGB series arc suppression harmonic elimination ark and overvoltage suppression ark, YB - 10/0.4 (Z) intelligent energy-saving box-type substation; All kinds of low voltage switchgear (GCS and houndreds types product as like GCK, MNS, GGD, SIVACON 8 pt, Blokset), and several electrical manufacturing enterprises with foreign companies such as Siemens, schneider electric, ABB, GE has a wide range of strategic cooperation.Siemens (China) co., LTD., authorized our company "SIVACON 8 pt" series of low-voltage switchgear design, manufacturing, sales; ABB electrical company close partners certificate; Schneider electric company "Blokset" low-voltage switchgear of complete sets of factory production, manufacturing, vendors and agreement. Products are widely used in industrial and civil on-off, control and protection in power system. In the electric power system, metallurgy industry, aerospace, petrochemical and other key industries have excellent performance, products are sold to the northeast, north China, shandong, shanxi, Inner Mongolia, southwest, northwest, xinjiang and other regions.


The company has advanced fully automated production line at home and abroad and all kinds of large and medium-sized sheet metal flexible manufacturing production line, equipped with various advanced experimental test equipment. Sophisticated equipment to ensure product quality and production capacity.


Company to establish a very complete management system, and passed the ISO 9001-2000 quality management system registration certification, CCC China compulsory certification product registration certification, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. The whole process of production and operation management system certification through the company. Has, for many years in hebei province won the "high-tech enterprise", "observe the contract heavy credit enterprise" and other honorary titles.


Company has always been to technological innovation as a driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises, always stick to the "science and technology as the base, quality for this, do it leads the market with the brand, win customers with services, to repay society achievement" of the enterprise development strategy, and is committed to become the domestic first-class electrical control equipment and system suppliers, we create value for customers. Provide customers with first-class services and solutions, to provide customers with reliable quality products.

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