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Business Philosophy - Long Hang, Full into the new

Development Strategy - Science and technology as the base, quality for this, do it leads the market with the brand, win customers with services, to repay society achievement.

Perfect management system

Management is enterprise an eternal theme. Qinhuangdao Long Ding electric co., LTD always attaches great importance to the construction of modern enterprise management system, to build advanced enterprise culture constantly. Company since its establishment, has established the information center, enterprise resource planning (ERP) management system, and realize the product research and development, sales, purchasing, warehouse, planning, production, financial and other information sharing efficient management modernization, created a superior for product technology development and production of soft environment.

Strict management, innovative thinking, advanced culture, high quality products, make the qinhuangdao Long Ding electric co., LTD. Rapid rise into the industry's well-known enterprises, electrical industry leading enterprises in hebei province.

Qinhuangdao Long Ding electric co., LTD. Will continue to revitalize national industry as its mission, to create the best products, the innovation service with Long Ding characteristics, to meet the demand of the customers, and electric power industry to make outstanding contributions to the nation.

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